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In Barcelona banks and financial institutions that keep apartments empty in the city will be fined

True: The first 12 fines of 5,000 Euros have already been administered. This is a measure that had never previously been taken, despite the law allowing it, which was approved a year ago, and the housing crisis faced by the city.

The city government has started to fine financial institutions that keep apartments empty in the city. Twelve sanctions, of 5,000 Euros per institution, have been made. Beyond these figures, Barcelona en Comú will use all of the mechanisms at our disposal to meet the urgent need for housing of many families in the city. We'll put our emergency plan into action, as promised. This includes concrete actions like increasing the public housing stock, as well as using empty housing owned by banks. We've also introduced measures to help with rent: we've widened the access criteria for public support with rent so that families with no income can apply, we've increased the budget for rent support from six to seven million Euros and we've started the construction of 4,000 public housing units.

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